DFV® Group's facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities that comply with the strictest quality standards and duly EU GMP certified.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines are a European quality standard whereby the production and packaging processes, together with the quality of raw materials, intermediate and finished products, are continuously checked by the department of Quality Assurance.

All our internal procedures follow these EU GMP guidelines in order to ensure during all the phases of the production the quality and precision of the process and guaranteeing a totally correct finished product.

The Quality Assurance and Production departments are responsible that these GMP guidelines are followed all along the process, ensuring the adequate control of the process, the correct checking of all the processes and equipment and the complete training of the personnel involved in these procedures. Directive 2001/82/EC annex 4 of the EU GMP guidelines stresses on the need of specific facilities for products containing penicillin.

In order to cope with these requirements DFV® Group has added totally independent production lines where the beta-lactam products will be manufactured and will not be mixed with other non-beta-lactam in all the production process. It will fully ensure that there will be no cross-contamination with beta-lactams in any of the other products and it will eliminate the risk of hypersensitivity reactions in allergic animals.