The new advanced stage of technology facilities of DFV® Group can produce almost all specialities that the pharmaceutical veterinary market demands and under EU GMP requirements

Pharmaceuticals EU GMP approved with beta-lactam and non-beta-lactam separate production lines:
alt Sterile solutions, aseptic and terminal sterilization
alt Sterile suspensions
alt Extemporaneous powder for injections
alt Oral soluble powders
alt Medicated premixes
Other Pharmaceuticals EU GMP approved
alt Oral solutions
alt Oral emulsions
alt Oral suspensions
alt Collars
alt Sprays
alt Pour-on specialties
alt Shampoos
Other specialities:
alt Diagnostics:
Quick immunochromatographic tests

alt Others:
Shampoos and topic solutions
Animal dietary products
Hygiene products
Outstanding are the fully EU GMP approved facilities for collars and sprays of which very few manufacturing plants in the EU have GMP approved facilities for.
Furthermore, DFV® Group has added to the production plant new production lines in order to be able to have self-contained facilities for beta-lactam products, with totally independent production lines for both beta and non-beta lactam sterile solutions, sterile suspensions, extemporaneous powder for injections, oral soluble powders and medicated premixes.